Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

To the Tune of Me

Sitting in my shamefully dirty (thank you, rainy, muddy winter) old Focus at a shamefully looooong red light, blasting an eclectic mix of Naw ‘Leans classic jazz, Big Band, Aaron Copeland, and Jack Johnson, and not looking forward yet to another day of night, I begin to think about how marvelous it might be to put my hum-drum life to music.  I certainly imagine various theme songs playing throughout my typical day – which is without a doubt why I make people smile when I walk by.   Or perhaps that’s because I’m rather odd looking most of the time…  But I digress.  But what if the great conductor in the sky were to bop down to allow me just one choreographed life-number?  How would I choose which song to make my own for just a few moments?!

Well, what about Bobby Day’s Little Bitty Pretty One?  But then there is KT Tunstall’s Suddenly I See.  Oh Lord, I can’t forget Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious.  Or Peggy Lee’s Fever.  And I adore Aretha, couldn’t go wrong with Respect, or, oh, I love Chain of Fools!  Of course, if my husband is in this ditty Louie’s Give me a Kiss to Build a Dream On would be the ultimate.  Ooo, now I’m thinking Juana Molina Un Dia.  For a little energetic smoothness, I suppose could go with Cold Play Clocks or Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony.  It Don’t Mean a Thing with good old Duke just popped into my head.  Oh, so many good-uns to be had…

After much deliberation (just as long as it took that gol’ darn train to hurry it up across my tracks), I’ve finally fixed on it – Glen Miller’s In the Mood.  When I’m In The Mood, I’m efficient, but sassy, a little flirty (but not too much, being a pulpy, happily married berry), present in the moment, dexterous, and awesome.  In my mind anyway.  And that will be where In the Mood will be playing all night tonight.

Keep it clean, keep it respectful, or keep away.

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