Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Always and Amazing

...some just stand out...

Most every person is special in some way, big or small, but very few people enter into that category “amazing.”  On meeting an individual you can label as such, one thanks those whirling stars which aligned to allow your coming together, and hopes they stay so aligned for a very, very long time.

I am happy – no, thrilled – to have in my life a great number of amazing people, friends and family, but today I highlight just one – a young lady I met nearly four years ago, who I did science and coffee (and commiserate) with, who shared my every joy, both academic and personal, who made cookies and pie and cappuccinos and dinner with and for me, who spoke (and danced) at my wedding, who supported me through a time of illness and fear and changes, and who continues to be number one on my list for hastily arranged lunch hours or early morning post-call catch-up sessions.

Yesterday I watched my amazing friend defend her doctoral thesis and defend it well.  I watched her pose and reveal how she’d knocked down important scientific questions with cleverness, ingenuity, and a little bit of good old-fashioned spunk.  I watched her recall her trajectory in the laboratory even as I recalled life outside (and, yes, inside) the lab with her during many of those experiment sets.  I watched the pride and love on the faces of her family and friends as she wrapped up a great graduate school career with heartfelt acknowledgement slides.  And I cannot wait to watch her continue her amazing brand of success as a postdoc not too very far away from here.

Congratulations, (Dr!) KS.  Thanks for just everything.  As you move forward with this new exciting experiment, know I’ll always, always be pulling for you, I will always love you dearly, and I will always see you as absolutely amazing.


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