Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Now Hear This

(Adamantio’s Megaphone Red)

“Mmm, I’m not so sure about those vitals… That has to be a mistake.”  The attending squints at the paper chart, his glasses resting precariously on the tip of his nose.

“That’s what I thought – they’re so drastically different from the others – and the baby looks fine clinically, there were no acute events reported overnight…”

“Yeah, no, these are wrong.  But let’s talk to the nurse.  Do you know how to use the nursery paging system?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t.  Is it a Vocera system?”

The usually dry, somewhat humorless neonatologist gives me the side eye and a half smile touches his normally pursed lips.  He takes a deep breath.

SARAH!!!” he yells, using the chart to direct his voice.  I hear a chair squeak and footsteps from across the nursery.

He clicks his tongue and winks.  “We’re pretty state of the art here in the newborn nursery.”


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The views expressed on "Mullberry Whine" are NOT intended to diagnose or treat disease.
The med-ed related stories described here are based on real events. Details have been changed in accordance with HIPAA de-identification guidelines to protect confidentiality.
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