Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Sing It Sunday

Oh, this song takes me back.  It came out right around the time I started medical school.  (Yeah.  I’m old.  I did some grueling grad school between my M2 and M3 years – though I do like to let people in my new class think I decompensated and disappeared into the woods for those missing years…it adds to my bewildering charm).  It was still going strong on the radio when I met my now husband, Mr Whine – I even remember it playing during our first study date.  (We met as first years in cadaver dissection lab and learned all about anatomy together.  Romantic, isn’t it?).  A good friend of mine burned the CD for me and I played it over and over as I memorized all those stinking biochemical pathways I’ve long since forgot.  (Urea cycle, anyone?)  And now, whenever it plays, I smile.  Beginnings and times of youthful dreams in general are awful, awful fun.

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