Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Still Beating

…only marginally discomfiting (image credit)…

“Oh, ugh.  I hate these EKGs,”  I mutter with a soft sigh, scanning the hands high packet we’ve just been handed to review.

From next to me comes the spine smacking sound of one of the whiniest, highest strung, and most obnoxious people in my track.

“Oh do you?  Oh, I don’t.  But I guess I just like a challenge.  I always love a challenge,” squeaks her valley girl look at me, look at me, I’m so awesome voice.

I hear an annoyed snort from somewhere behind me and myself recall the crying, sniveling, swearing mess this same young lady became when she was pimped on rounds not a few days ago.  I further recall the pure joy of picking up the slack for her these last few weeks when she has sauntered home early to sunbathe by the pool and do USMLE questions on the shiny new iPad her parents just bought her.  I smolderingly remember how she has every call night claimed the first or easy patients, leaving me all the later train-wrecks while she sleeps, studies, or makes food runs in the expensive foreign car daddy recently replaced.

I diagnose my own sinus tachycardia without all the tangle of old Einthoven’s leads as I turn to her and force a smile.

What I say, levelly, kindly: “Oh, I think everyone in medical school likes a challenge.  We all just like different challenges – and we handle them differently.”

What I think, coarsely, sharply:  “Oh, shut up, $#@*&.”

I know.  I really am a bad person.  It’s the lack of sleep (I hope).


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