Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Anatomy of Never Approaching Enough

…Memorial Day 1920, the Suresnes American Cemetery (Library of Congress)…

A head full of ideals, yoked by obligation reigns
Over a heart of decency

A gut full of duty and some small roguishness driving
Foward limbs with purpose of brotherhood, home and self, slivered glory seek

A manner full of resourcefulness recalling
A life of promise now

A circle quieter with the fall
A time emptier with such loss
A world fuller by their sacrifice
A day of remembrance never approaching enough.


A breathless, bountiful Memorial Day to all.  

Keep it clean, keep it respectful, or keep away.

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The views expressed on "Mullberry Whine" are NOT intended to diagnose or treat disease.
The med-ed related stories described here are based on real events. Details have been changed in accordance with HIPAA de-identification guidelines to protect confidentiality.
Mullberry Whine can be enjoyed daily; there is no unsafe quantity. Real wine, though, should be enjoyed in moderation. At-Risk Drinking for males under 65 is defined as >14 alcoholic beverages per week or >4/day, with >7 drinks a week or >3/day being the cut-off for females under 65 and for anyone, male or female, who has graced this planet for 65 years for more. Drink Mullberry Whine like there are no consequences. But drink alcohol responsibly. Your friends, your family, your health-care provider, and your liver - heck, ALL of the organs in your body - will thank you.
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