Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Favorite Things Furniture

…comfort and class (available here)…

We Whines bought four of these babies in that lovely green color right after we got married (we did NOT pay the price listed on the linked page – we got them on sale with a coupon AND rewards points at a time when they were much cheaper to begin with!).  And I JUST LOVE them.  We have two at our little kitchen table, one at our desk, and one in the bedroom at my little vanity.  I adore the clean, modern lines, and they certainly freshen up the “early attic chic” look our mostly hand-me-downs apartment currently sports.  And, of course, they are incredibly comfortable for all those DVT inducing study hours we put in in these parts.  However, one of the four received grievous injury at the hands of this little monster, who has a special predilection for massaging his back claws into any sort of soft material.  Lucky for us (and probably for him), we sprung for a leather conditioning and repair kit at purchase, so the leather was well cared for, quite pliable and relatively easy to fix – though Louie was in the cat house, if you will, for quite a while.  One favorite thing, favorite though it is, does not have license to destroy another favorite thing!  Now please excuse me as I move from one green beauty to the other, from the computer desk, to the kitchen table by the window, to enjoy my am coffee before a fresh start Friday (new medicine clerkship site today!).

Keep it clean, keep it respectful, or keep away.

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