Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Say ‘Em, Doc

…adapted from Ary Scheffer’s Marie-Madeleine

“Doc, why you do this to people?!”

The old woman is visibly upset, her withered face drawn into a snarl, arthritis knobbed hands gesturing wildly.

“You said I would go home today and now you’re sayin’ I cain’t?!  I’m already ready!  This is just the cruelest thing a person can do!”

The attending places his hand lightly on our patient’s shoulder.

“We didn’t expect your numbers to go up like that.  We just want to make sure you’re all better before we send you home so you don’t end up right back in here.”  He slowly, sweetly explains why we need to investigate the abnormal morning lab values and how they may reflect the worsening of her disease.  The little old woman’s toothless mouth puckers more defiantly with every word.

Finally, she shakes her head, the little bun fixed to the top of her skull describing a perfect arc.

“Doc, I think I know what the problem is.”

“And what is that, Ms. Jones?”

“Well, I certainly am doing enough prayin’ for all this nonsense – I have a belief in the Lord like no other.  And I needs a doctor who knows the good Lord well.  It’s plain to me that you’re not prayin’ enough here.  You really should start prayin’ more in the mornin’s when they gettin’ all these labs.”

The smile I crack is somewhere between a gasp and a giggle.

Keep it clean, keep it respectful, or keep away.

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The views expressed on "Mullberry Whine" are NOT intended to diagnose or treat disease.
The med-ed related stories described here are based on real events. Details have been changed in accordance with HIPAA de-identification guidelines to protect confidentiality.
Mullberry Whine can be enjoyed daily; there is no unsafe quantity. Real wine, though, should be enjoyed in moderation. At-Risk Drinking for males under 65 is defined as >14 alcoholic beverages per week or >4/day, with >7 drinks a week or >3/day being the cut-off for females under 65 and for anyone, male or female, who has graced this planet for 65 years for more. Drink Mullberry Whine like there are no consequences. But drink alcohol responsibly. Your friends, your family, your health-care provider, and your liver - heck, ALL of the organs in your body - will thank you.
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