Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Favorite Things Flatulence

…protecting the innocent (adapted from / available here)…

“Ugh.  It’s 4:45 and we’re 62 studies behind.”

The radiology resident opens a can of Red Bull with one hand as he shakes the opposite arm free of his white coat.

“So much for a 5:30 beer at O’Tipsy’s.”

The fellow snorts.

“You wanna know what I think of that?”

He tips his head toward the resident, rising slightly from his chair, and there rings out a reverberating “Tuu-WEEEEEEET!”

The two guffaw for an instant.  Then, in concert, they sit erect and spin about to look at me.

The fellow’s face turns a shade not unlike the cherries I had for lunch and from his pharynx there comes a curious squeak.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mullberry.  That wasn’t very — it’s just that — I mean we usually — “

The resident cuts through the fellow’s string of awkwardness.  “He means we’re not used to having ladies around.  Sorry about that…and, actually, if you want to head home and enjoy your weekend, that’d be just fine.”

Hey, if a bit of poorly timed flatus gets me home on a Friday at a decent time, it can most certainly fall into my ‘Favorite Things Friday‘ category!

12 comments on “Favorite Things Flatulence

  1. Amy
    July 21, 2012

    Wow! lol Well…whatever gets you home early! =D

  2. ahyesplans
    July 21, 2012

    I would have been out of there in a second. Great timing!!

  3. on thehomefrontandbeyond
    July 21, 2012

    whatever works to get home early

  4. iamkaturah
    July 22, 2012

    Wow! Haha! Very interesting!

    • mullberrywhine
      July 22, 2012

      No kidding, eh? It’s been years since these young men mastered the art of effecting relief in socially appropriate venues – but I guess sometimes that goes out the window amongst very good friends and hilariously humongous piles of work? 😉

  5. kindredspirit23
    July 22, 2012

    Never thought of it quite like that. Being home alone, at least, I have the privilege of releasing “tension” when I need to. My medications and diet (high fiber) often cause that sort of … discomfort.

    • mullberrywhine
      July 23, 2012

      I love that – “privilege of release.” Kudos to you for braving the flatus in the name of fiber! And, hey – we all do it – and privately is the best way to do so, say I, so I’ll not fault you! 😉

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