Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Favorite Things Flaunty

…something like that (The Girl With the Pearl Earring, 1665, by Johannes Vermeer)

I, like all of my pleasantly demented patients, like pearls.  I have three pairs of earrings which I wear to work each day on a rotating basis – little white pearls, little pinkish pearls, and larger black pearls.  They’re not real, but I love them all the same.  Classy, chic, far from over-bearing – that’s what I want for my ears.  And for my neck.  And for my fingers.  But, usually, only for my ears.  Too many pearls make my white coat look dingy (and my person seem gaudy).  Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s the larger black pearls with the sexy red dress for my Friday night date with the far from dingy Mr. Whine…


9 comments on “Favorite Things Flaunty

  1. on thehomefrontandbeyond
    September 7, 2012

    I love black pearls

    • mullberrywhine
      September 8, 2012

      Oh, aren’t they darling? And mysterious! And darling?

      • on thehomefrontandbeyond
        September 8, 2012

        they are my favourite–especially with a diamond or two thrown in — such a lovely combination–but I like all pearls and have them in many colours

  2. ahyesplans
    September 8, 2012

    I have a huge pair of fake pearls that I always tell myself I have to stop wearing. I have so many earrings but I always wear the fake pearls!

    • mullberrywhine
      September 8, 2012

      I do the same thing – I’ve a little drawer full of very nice, OCD-ly arranged dangler earrings, but the pearl studs are the ones I always go for, morning after morning. It just seems right… 😉

  3. kindredspirit23
    September 9, 2012

    I am glad that Mr. Whine isn’t dingy!
    Also, love the pic! “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” was a good movie, but also, one of those books that I just loved reading. Yes, a guy, read that book, and like it.
    Just one of those things about me.

    • mullberrywhine
      September 9, 2012

      He is the best! And so is the painting, and the book and movie it inspired!

  4. Dr. K
    September 10, 2012

    Side note: I saw this painting in person at the Art Museum and it was stunning. Kinda like you in pearl earrings 🙂

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