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Greetings, From Yet Another Airport


I’m currently sitting at one of those red dot locations… (Jpatokol’s World Airport Map 2008)

Well, hello there, folks.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been talking about myself and my schooling and my career goals so very much the past month that I can barely bring myself to write about me in my precious free time.  But a pretty handful of very kind comments and emails inquiring about school and the interview trail have reminded me that some of you are wondering pleasantly what’s become of me.

In the past month and a quarter, I completed my ambulatory medicine rotation and have interviewed at 11 different residency programs (meaning I’ve had ZERO time to write any stories, despite no paucity of material, sigh).  I have a total of 28 interviews of 31 offered scheduled at this time.  I will be culling many of those scheduled and will probably complete a grand total of 20 interviews.  I have been lucky to experience very few travel snafus thus far (let us pray that the mild weather holds steady) and, after this week, I will have only one more week of back to back to back interviews to attend.  (I really miss my bed.  And my husband.  Strangely, I do not miss my loud jerk cat…)

I cannot put into words how exciting it is to visit the different residency programs across the country, to meet amazing (amazing) attendings and current residents, not to mention fellow candidates, and to imagine how happy Mr. Whine and myself could be at any one of them.  Right now, I have a clear #1 choice, with 3 programs nipping closely at that program’s heels, and I can only imagine that the coming interviews will cause an upset in the top 4-5 on my residency rank list.

In short, it’s a stressful, fabulous, terrifying, happy period in my life.  I hope to step back onto the blog at the end of January, at which time I will spend a week and a half of vacation relaxing and writing and being with family before I dive back into the last three rotations of my medical school career.  In February I must submit my rank order list of residency programs to the National Residency Match Program.  Match day – the day where all residency hopefuls learn where they will be spending the next 3-5 years of their lives – is in mid-March.  Graduation is in May (yippee!).

So here’s to the rest (and the end) of interview season, and the beginning of 2013, a year that I hope will be the best yet for the Whines and company.  All the best, Happy Holidays to all of you, see you in ’13!


Psst!  Wondering what I mean by “rank order list” and “the match”?  Wiki to the rescue!  And because wiki can be both boring and confusing at times, check out a recent-ish NY Times piece.


5 comments on “Greetings, From Yet Another Airport

  1. kindredspirit23
    December 10, 2012

    It is so wonderful to hear from you and better that you are doing so well.
    I am happy and have stayed away so you could do what needs to be done (as well as the fact that I have been so busy…well).
    Keep it up and keep us informed when you can. We all, I know, miss hearing from you, but family and business first, so … we understand.

    • mullberrywhine
      January 9, 2013

      It’s been a bit of a whirlwind! The number of interviews I have left I can count on one hand, which is just marvelous! Looking forward to putting my apartment back together, living out of my closet and not a suitcase, and getting ready for the final leg of med school. And, of course, catching up on two months of everyone’s posts!
      Thanks for the kind comment!

  2. ElizabethWolf
    December 11, 2012

    So nice to hear from you. What an exciting time…whoever gets you for the next 3-5 years is a lucky, lucky duck.

    • mullberrywhine
      January 9, 2013

      I have been so very lucky to have interviews at a number of wonderful programs; I hope both I and the program where I end up feel similarly thrilled come Match Day!

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