Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Sing It Sunday

This song is brought to you by a recent, rather long and uncomfortable customer service call to Inadept Airlines.

One of my flights had been delayed such that I would land long after my connector flight was airborne.  With no later connector to be had and no other viable flight options available online, not to mention no Inadept Airline representative to be seen in the whole terminal, I called to determine how I could rectify the situation and still make it to Anywhere, USA for my interview the next morning.

I was treated with unfiltered annoyance, like a naughty child – because, obviously, I created the meteorological phenomenon which had caught up my first flight – asked a series of accusatory questions – because, obviously, it’s not important for anyone to get to their destination on the day they’d planned, we should all be so flexible that a two day delay is a-ok – and put on hold for a total of 58 minutes during my 1 hour and 22 min call.

The good news – I got to Anywhere with plenty of time, at no extra cost, on a different airline, booked for me by my pleasant Inadept Airlines phone representative.

The better news – a large chunk of my original flight purchase price was refunded when I asked to speak with a supervisor concerning my treatment.  Because everyone’s time – and treatment – is valuable.

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3 comments on “Sing It Sunday

  1. kindredspirit23
    January 15, 2013

    Good for you.

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