Mullberry Whine

poured out before bed

Glug Glug


Baigneuses a Dieppe, 1885 by Eugene Henri Paul Gaugin…

Gasp, snort! I say to you, as I come up for air.

I knowingly end-loaded my schedule for this, my final year of med school; I stuck a number of challenging rotations at the very end – which is a bit of bummer, it’s true – but it will keep me fresh’n’fit for my upcoming intern year.  (This is the theory, anyway.)

By way of update:

  • I certified my rank order list last week, so the whole residency match process is officially out of my hands. (Sigh…of relief.  What’s done is done.)  Chances are, that big, smart computer in DC already knows where I’ll be going for residency, but the NRMP folks do a lot of QC and cross checking before they release the results.  That being said, Match Day is in just three weeks.  
  • On March 11, I will find out if I matched –  a simple, Congrats you’ve matched, or Wah-wah, time for the SOAP.  I’m not worried that I’ll have to SOAP it, but you never know – I’ve seen really stellar applicants blow it and end up scrambling.  That day, time permitting, I’ll let you know if someone wanted me.
  • On March 15th, at noon I find out where I matched.  As I mentioned earlier, this is in just three short weeks.  (Cue the hyperventilation.)  After I’ve finished weeping (from either untameable joy or sheer disappointment— let’s hope it be the former), I will be placing a password protected post with my match information here.  If you are interested in finding out where I matched, follow the instructions below (unless you’re family or a personal friend – then sit back and watch my facebook page – I’ll post there.  I know, shocking eh?  My last post was in 2011…).
    1. Send to me a (kind and uplifting – it’s stress central here in the Whine household) email (mullberrywhine at yahoo dot com).  Tell me where you blog from and/or who you are, and cut-n-paste in the following text: “In sending this email, I promise that I will not divulge to others where the person blogging under the name “mullberrywhine” has matched for post-graduate medical education.  I promise also not to divulge any other personal information regarding “mullberywhine,” including but not limited to, her real name, specialty of choice, location, and medical school.”  It may sound a bit odd, but privacy is important – to me and to the patients I blog about.  I de-identify those in the stories I share according to HIPAA guidelines, but I take no chances.  As long as you don’t creep me out terribly, I’ll reply with the password. 
    2. Check for the protected post between March 15-16.  It will only be up for 24 hours after it’s posted.  Then it goes bye-bye, and all your kindness and password winning was for naught…

I’ll be an MD in 2.5 months, which absolutely blows my work soaked brain these days.  It’s been – and continues to be – a real trip.  Wish me luck as I finish the academic year and come to the end of the med school rat race, even as I send out good vibes for all the wonderful things you all are doing and accomplishing.  

And, hey – I’ve got about a million stories in my story scrap notebook which I’ll slap up here soon.  Stay tuned.  

(But don’t hold your breath.  I’m a bit swamped.  Plus, breathing has been shown to be very beneficial in multiple highly powered, well controlled trials.)


2 comments on “Glug Glug

  1. azita
    February 24, 2013

    Wishing you luck! 🙂

    • mullberrywhine
      February 24, 2013

      Thank you! And I wish you many more ablamboo pomegranates! 😉

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