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A Beat Up Postcard


Well hello you two, & greetings from AK!  It’s May 2013 & you’ve just graduated (from med school and residency) and are moving on to big things…but first you get to experience a little vacation in a big state with even bigger vistas, views, and wildlife.  You’ve hiked, kayaked, taken boat tours, been in sun, fog, and wind, eaten lots of fresh seafood, and seen the warm beauty of wildlife galore, the cool wonder of calving glaciers.  It’s amazing!  But the best part of your long days of adventure – when you come back to base camp and hold each other close.  The best thing about your experience is experiencing it together.  Love you guys.

Mullberry and Mister

Whenever Mr. Whine and I find ourselves in a new state or national park, we shell out the 75 cents for purchase of a shiny postcard and briefly record the beauty of the scenery and our experience there.  We always keep stamps in our wallets so we can send a bit of love and memory to ourselves, filling any trying times to come with a bit of soothing souvenir.  A postcard from Seward, AK in our hands delighted me this morning, as I filled my day with (somewhat daunting) ACLS review.

4 comments on “A Beat Up Postcard

  1. kindredspirit23
    June 13, 2013

    Gotta do something to take care of the rough times.

  2. Arman
    June 14, 2013

    that is such a brilliant idea… sending a postcard to yourself .. I think I am going to start doing the same thing 🙂

    • mullberrywhine
      June 14, 2013

      Oh please do! It really is good fun!

      When Mr. Whine and I were married, we placed a card in the invites asking that people forgo traditional wedding gifts. Instead, we requested they put the money they might have spent on said gifts towards spending time doing something fun with people they loved (ie, dinner, a movie, museum/zoo day, picnicking, state park pass or visit, road trip, etc…), then to please send us a postcard regaling us with the awesome things they did. We had a blast at our small, intimate wedding, which featured family style dining and a seat at each table for the rotating bride and groom. Only two guests (family members) overlooked the no gift policy, placing kind checks in their cards. But after the last dance was done, and having now been spous-ed three years – we got just three postcards. Just three. We were so very disappointed. So now we fill the postcard book we purchased to store the wedding gift fun from our guests to record our own adventures. And it’s been pretty darn grand – perhaps better for us than the accounts of others (perhaps…it still stings a just a bit – we thought it such a fabulous and perfectly brilliant, fool proof idea!). I cannot recommend it enough!

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